What do we stand for ?

THERAPROT is a biotechnology company project developing a groundbreaking biotherapy for the treatment of spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage, ICH. All the current strategies do not work or show limited benefit. Based on 10 years of academic research (Inserm UMR-S U919), THERAPROT depoisoned a goldstandard fibrinolytic drug to maximize its therapeutic potential to address ICH therapy.

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A life threatening disease

Intracerebral Hemorrhage (ICH) results from the rupture of a brain artery. Blood pours out of the vessel into the brain parenchyma leading to long-term incapacitation, coma and death. Around half of the ICH patients died within 30 days and 25% suffer life-long serious handicaps. In terms of incidence, ICH occurs for about 1.5M cases a year worldwide (300 000 cases in Western countries / 2nd cause of death in emerging countries). The problems results from blood leakage: 1/ blood-derived products are highly toxic for neuronal cells 2/ blood extravasation dramatically increases the intracranial pressure, provoking coma and death.

Our solution

Based on the results of 44 clinical trials that have been conducted so far, only reducing the intracranial pressure or limiting bleeding is not sufficient to improve outcome of ICH patients. Our purpose is to reduce intracranial pressure by clearing blood hematoma (via the injection of a medicine able to lyse the hematoma – a fibrinolytic agent – following by the drainage of the lysate). Based on 10 years of academic research (Inserm UMR-S U919), THERAPROT develops a groundbreaking biotherapy for the treatment of ICH.

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